We can attract the most outstanding talents
We can put their talents into full use
We keep make progress
We possess the same type of gene
We possess the same dream, mission and goal

Prominent Core Leaders

American ideologist Emerson used to say that an institute is the extension of one’s influence. In PartnerX, the executive level is core of the company; Its ideas contribute to actions, while actions make up company.
The founder guides the strategic direction, leading every member of the team to go forward. The founder is the composer, CEO is conductor while the core executive level is professional performer.

Outstanding Partners

A person will affect a group of people, a group of people will affect the whole industry. In PartnerX, we are those who:

  • Love robots
  • Love work
  • Extraordinary
  • Pure

Our Employment

Equal stress on integrity and ability, not confined to one pattern

Our Stimulation

  • Employee based
  • Combination of short term, medium term and long term (salary, bonus and stock equity)
  • Combination of substance, emotion and spirit
  • Combination of competition and cooperation

Our Training

  • Study, study, study!
  • Separate training of knowledge, experience and skills
  • Work is training
  • Combination of system training and instruction