This is a company with dream;
This is a company with mission;
This is a company with goal.

Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd., the creator and leader of robotics partner, was founded in 1996. It was global pioneer of companies devoted to cutting-edge technology research. PartnerX works hard to integrate robots into human beings’ teaching, life and work so as to create a more intelligent, convenient and beneficial life for them.

Currently, ParnerX possesses three robotic brands: educational robot Abilix, domestic robot YiRO and industrial robot EVOX. Among which, Abilix, established in 1996, is inventor of educational robots; YiRO is pioneer of domestic robots; EVOX is pathfinder of industrial robots, aiming at enhancing productivity. PartnerX believes that, in the future, robots will do all dull jobs instead of human beings.

PartnerX believes that robots will become partners of human beings in study, work, life, entertainment, and even in safeguarding the motherland;
PartnerX also believes, robots will become partners of human beings in planet immigration as well as transmission and continuation of civilization...

Our Dream

  • Dream: everyone can have robot partners.
  • Mission: to establish an outstanding and evolving enterprise beneficial to human beings
  • Goal: to create No. 1 robotic brand in the world; to become the biggest and most powerful
            robotic company in the world

Core Values